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The Turning   by April M. Reign

April M. Reign is a talented writer who has always been a self-published author. She started writing as a teenager, but started up again when she wrote her first book, Enticing the Moon, to share with her family. She ended up publishing it in 2007 and the rest, as they say, is history.

This was my third project with April. It was interesting to work on this project, as she was co-writing this, as well as it being a decidedly different genre for her. She and her co-author wrote the story as we went along. We went through many rounds of edits, as you might expect, while their story evolved and blossomed.

John Catlin has been a significant person in my life. I’ve enjoyed working with him and learning from his talent as a writer and editor on how to succeed as an author. He is personable, caring, and down-to-earth. I’m blessed to have met him and been able to turn a business relationship into a friendship.

April M. Reign

April has utilized publishers and created her own Kindle publications on Amazon.com. I assisted her by acting as her editor. After going through several iterations and rounds of edits, she uploaded the final version to Kindle Direct Publishing or the printer. She used her own resources for cover design.